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Important Interest Rate Information
 The interest rate for a Direct  Consolidation Loan is the  weighted ..
Information for borrowers who consolidated during Repayment ..
 As an incentive to encourage  timely student loan repayments,  all borrowers who consolidated  eligible student loans ..
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Direct Loan Servicing
For those who already have a Direct Loan, the servicing site is the one-stop center for managing that loan. A borrower can make online payments, view account balances and payment history, get loan counseling, change billing options, enroll in electronic services, and more ...
Match your repayment plan and term to your financial situation..
Reduce your interest rate as much as an additional 1.25% through ..
There are no fees, credit checks, application or origination charges ..
Direct Loans Consolidation
can significantly reduce your monthly payment burden. That's because direct student loan consolidation allows you to stretch your repayment period from the standard 10 years to up to 30 years, depending on the amount of your education debts. The lower payment means you'll have more money.

including car payments, childcare, and career-related necessities. Apply now and you will secure a low fixed interest rate for the life of the loan - locking in perhaps ..
Financial Aid Professionals
Those who work in the field of financial aid can take advantage of the resources available on our professionals page: find out how to become a Direct Loan Program participant ..
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